Michal Czyz       

            Michal Czyz


2005- 2011 L. Solski’s National Theatre School in Cracow
2009-2011: Dance Theatre Faculty in Bytom                         

2005-2009: Acting Faculty in Cracow, MA degree in 2009
2002-2005 P. Stalmach’s High School in Wisła

2016 Dancer in aerial dance performance „Creature“ in Bern, Switzerland. Chor.Vanessa Cook
2015/2016 Claudius,2nd Screamer and 4th laugher in opera “ Die Hamletmaschine“ in Opernhaus Zurich, Switzerland. Dir. Sebastian Baumgarten, chor. Kinsun Chan
2014-2016 Part of „Action“(dancing, acting and singing) in the musical „West Side Story“ in Teather Aachen. Dir. Ewa Teilmans, chor. Joost Vrauenraets
2013 Dancer in performance ”Listen”, Theatre Traum, choreography Kinsun Chan, Zurich, Switzerland
2012-2014 Dancer in the company Staatsteather Kassel/Johannes Wieland;
“Golddigger” chor. Johannes Wieland(Germany),
“Readymades” two pieces chor. Johannes Wieland and Chris Haring(Austria) “Ich bin Du” chor. Johannes Wieland
2012 Dancer in Gala Concert of 33rd Annual Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw
2011 Dancer in the musical “Frankenstein” in Capitol Musical Theatre in Wroclaw, dir. Wojciech Kościelniak (Pol.), chor. by J. Skubaczkowski and B. Owczarek
2010-2011 Dancer in the company: Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom,
Performances: “Because” chor: Idan Cohen (Israel)
“Neighbourhood Chronicles” chor: Jacek Łumiński (Poland) “Something like that 10.06” chor: Swee Boon Kuik (Singapore)
2010 Dancer in performance at the opening of Dance and Music Institute in Warsaw, choreography by Kaya Kołodziejczyk(Pol)
2010 Performer in theatre project „Pipshuim”, choreogephy by Sebastian Zajkowski(Pol). Project was performed on XVII Annual International Contemporary Dance Festival in Bytom, Poland

2012 Teacher of jazz, contemporary, pilates, salsa and fitness in REDECO Fitness Centre in Wroclaw, Poland
2009-2011 teacher of text interpretation and pantomime in Physical Theatre Studio in Bytom

2010, 2011 17th and 18th Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference In Bytom (teacher, performer, workshops participant)
2010 Contemporary dance workshops with Joseph Alter (USA)
2010 3rd Annual Wroclaw Salsa Festival
(performer and workshops participant)
2007-2008 13th, 14th and 15th Annual International Jazz Dance Workshops in Kielce (workshops participant, techniques: jazz, modern jazz, Broadway jazz, funky jazz, house dance, modern jazz underground, hip-hop, salsa jazz, jazz rock)

Acrobatic, Pantomime, juggling, Capoeira, fencing, martial arts, cyr wheel /
Music, Film, Sport (mountain bike, Roller-Skating, Snowboard, climbing

© Erwin Penners
© Erwin Penners

Javi Ojeda         Javier Ojeda Hernandez

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                  
Choreographer & Dancer in “Gold!” at Theater Aachen, Germany.
2014/ 2015
Assintat Choreographer of The new Gotra Ballet’s Piece “Charlie Goes”.
• Choreography by Joost Vrouenraets.
Dancer, Actor and Singer at the Musical “West Side Story” at Theater Aachen, Germany.
• Choreography by Joost Vrouenraets.
Funkin’ Stylez Berlin 2014 hip-hop & house dance participant.
2011/ 2013
Personal Trainer at DiR Gym’s (Barcelona).
“Juste Debout” Championship 2013 hip-hop dance participant. “Urban Display” Championship 2013 hip-hop dance participant, “FloorWars 2013” Spain Championship bboyin’ participant.
• Coïncidence (Contemporary Dance Company, Paris)
o Improvisation Work in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
o Duo “Du haut” at “Theatre du Grenier”.
o “Antransect” Dance Piece.
• Mouvance D’Arts (Contemporary & Neo-Classic Dance Company).
o “4e Edition des Scènes Ouvertes à la Danse” in “l’Espace Beaujon”
o Dance Festival in the Street at Reim (France)
Actor in “Le Manoir de Paris” as The Mime, Nicholas Flammel and others.
Hip-Hop Teacher (Canary Islands):
• KeyDance Achademy
• Hip-Hop Workshops in Canary Islands
• Member of “Estilos en Uno” Dance & Culture Assotiation in Canary Islands.
Hip-Hop & House Teacher (Canary Islands):
• María Eulate Dance School (Las Palmas de G. C).
• Hip-Hop classes for beginners in high schools.
• Ad Libitum achademy
• La Cornisa Fitness Studio.
Dance Show at Auditorium Alfredo Kraus of Gran Canaria.

Sport Sciences Degree at the University of “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”, Acrobatics & Breakdance Knowledge.
Student of Hip-Hop/House/Contemporary Dance:
París, France:
• Juste Debout School
• Studio Harmonic
• Centre du Jazz de Paris
• Mouvance D’arts Companie
• Université Paris V (Rene-Descartes)
Los Angeles, U.S.A:
• Millenium Dance Complex.
• Debbie Reynolds Academy.
New York, U.S.A.:
• Broadway Dance Center.
• Steps On Broadway.
• Alvin Ailey.
“Dance Profesional Instructor” Certificate by Orthos Inc. From Spain.

• English, French and German: Advanced Level.
• Spanish: Mother language.

Javi Ojeda